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Transmission and Motor Mount Replacement Service in Houston

Motor Mount Replacement Service

A plus transmission also provides transmission mount replacement and motor mount replacement services. Transmission mounts and motor mounts are design to control torque and vibration in the driveline, and minimize the vibration transmitted to the chassis. The transmission mounts also assure the proper alignment of the linkage, which is very important with standard shift and clutch linkages. Transmission mounts and engine mounts are an important factor in how smoothly a vehicle operates. The mounts are designed to allow a certain amount of rotation, plus dampening much of the engine vibration.

Transmission mount and motor-mount inspection isn't always easy. The typical mount combines metal mounting surfaces with hard rubber or polyurethane sandwiched in between. This flexible interior substance degrades over age, but even cracked rubber or urethane isn't always detectable to the naked eye. (Black rubber in concealed areas often doesn't reveal the true state of its health.)

Because mounts are often out of sight, they are ignored when a vehicle is serviced. Slowly, the rubber will deteriorate and the vibrations begin to be felt. If these arenít addressed, the results can range from annoying noises to binding and ultimately, destruction of components.

Should the transmission mount begin to fail, the vibration from the driveline would be felt by the driver and passengers, and the universal joint yokes and cross pieces would begin to suffer accelerated wear. Should this condition be allowed to continue, the driveshaft yokes and/or the transmission mount might fail.

If you experience any of these symptoms, give the experts at A plus transmission a call. We can take care of your Motor mount replacement service and transmission mount replacement service in Houston while you wait.

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